Feral Friends

December 2023


Press Statement

This December, sculptor Valency Genis presents "Feral Farm", an exhibition of new works hosted by Distinction Gallery. A chance childhood encounter with a dusty taxidermy shop initially inspired Genis' to start making her magical chimera sculptures. She lovingly crafts her critters using epoxy clay, wood, wire, and acrylic and oil paints. A fan of pop culture, Genis' whimsical creatures recall the works of Jim Henson and Tim Burton. Each creation is vibrantly colored with an exquisitely crafted facial expressions. Sometimes her creations are adorned with bows and ribbons. Grotesque, whimsical and humorous - the showcase is in every way a triumphant addition to Genis'ouvre.

"FERAL FARM" opens Saturday, Dec 9th from 6-10pm | Distinction Gallery, Escondido CA


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