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Distinction Gallery Presents: “Midnight Parade”
A stunning display of works by Joshua Clay – March 8th through April 5th

Distinction Gallery continues its renowned reputation for bringing the freshest and brightest talents to the Southern California region. This March will feature a showing by artist Joshua Clay (Chicago, Illinois) entitled: “Midnight Parade”. Highlighted by an opening reception March 8th, from 6-11 pm, attendees will have the rare opportunity to meet the artist Joshua Clay in person. The event will be accented with indie rock sampled and cello laced music of Caecelia (Phoeniz, AZ). Along with Lighting brewery (Poway, CA) boutique beer.We hope you will join us in this celebration of art, poetry and music.

Please note that in addition to the main gallery showing, Distinction Gallery features an additional 20+ artists on display as well as 14 open artist studios that are always accessible to the public.

JOSHUA CLAY was born in the Midwest in the early 80’s. Starting in his early youth, his illustrative approach centered on doing battle with the hordes of pirates and ninjas who found their way scrawled into the margins of his homework with his trusty 2H pencil. After several trips to the principal’s office for violating the “Don’t draw on your homework” rule, Joshua decided that painting would be a better direction. Once in the real world, this led him to study Media Arts and Animation at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, IL. He continued to develop his passion and skills in illustration at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.

With a solid direction and appreciation for the Pop Surrealism movement, Joshua decided to move to the most surreal place in America, Los Angeles. But after a few struggling years, Joshua found his work being shown in prominent galleries world wide. These high profile showings caught the eye of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor who recruited Clay to travel abroad with the musician to create artwork for the concept album “Year Zero”.

Clay’s art is dominated by the languid female form. Most often rosy-cheeked and portrayed with billowing and flowing fabric like action, the artist attempts to capture the sense of a single glance in time.

“I portray my women as sexy and strong as well as vulnerable and sad. There is something beautiful in sadness, sadness softens the heart. I usually portray my figures in motion or with their hair in motion to symbolize capturing a fleeting moment, because it is these moments which often dictate very significant parts of our lives but they are so often taken for granted.” – Joshua Clay

“Midnight Parade” shows from March 8th through April 5th.

Distinction is a 7000 square foot building which houses a gallery and 14 artist studios ranging in size from 150 to 800 square feet. The Gallery features contemporary and cutting edge art work with a soft focus on Urban Surrealism. Distinction exhibits work by emerging and internationally acclaimed artists and is located at: 317 East Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025.

Please contact the gallery at (760) 781-5779 if you would like high resolution images or to set a possible interview with any of the artists.



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