3 Tips on Buying Your First Art Piece

3 Tips on Buying Your First Art Piece

Congratulation! You’ve finally made up your mind about investing in an art piece. Now that could be either because you love the charm of art collection or you want to make money.

Now that you’re geared up to buy your first art piece, pull the brakes because we’re against rash decisions when it comes to finding the perfect pick. The world of art has transformed dramatically since the Picasso era. Modern artists have become more adaptive, tech-savvy, and innovative.

Buying your first art piece should involve detailed and deliberate consideration of several factors such as the art medium, genre, price, size, and the artist. Accumulation of all the pre-purchase factors will help you invest your hard-earned cash in the right art piece.

When buying an art piece, especially for the first time, you should consider these tips from the experts at the Distinction Gallery. 

Budget Your Purchase

The first step toward buying the right art piece is to budget your purchase. You should neither have a conservative, crunched budget nor an endless amount of money that you’re willing to invest in one artwork.

Art industry experts encourage buyers to pre-determine a well-thought budget to avoid spending excess cash or getting scammed by the seller. The art market is famous for the way it resembles unregulated private financial institutions.

Concurrently, art buyers can be considered akin to financial investors who look for lucrative opportunities to turn their investments into rewarding assets. Therefore, you should consider factors such as framing costs, transportation, packing, and maintenance of art pieces. Moreover, the popularity of an artwork and its artist directly impacts the total price of the product. 

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Do Your Research

Buying your first art piece can be really overwhelming. The availability of numerous art pieces makes it difficult for buyers to choose their favorite. At Distinction Gallery, myriad emerging artists showcase their stunning pieces every day, opening various opportunities for new art buyers.

Before finalizing an art piece, do your research, check out artists and their work at Distinction Gallery. Use the power of the internet to know about art collectors and consultants. Learning a few things about the art industry will enable you to find the perfect art piece. 

Prefer Versatility

You should choose an art piece that won’t bore you for years to come. Art is surely an investment, and therefore, you shouldn’t buy the first attractive art piece you come across.

Choose an artwork that’s both versatile and aesthetically pleasing.  

Understand that size does matter

You want to be sure that the art fits in your apartment or home. I can’t say how many times people I know—especially early collectors—fall in love with a piece, buy the piece, and then they bring it home, and it doesn’t fit over their mantle. You must have a pretty good idea of the wall space where you want to install the artwork before you buy it.

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