Your Guide to Urban Art Collection

Your Guide to Urban Art Collection

The last few years have been quite a whirlwind in the urban art sector. From street art to graffiti, several urban art forms have made their way into the lives of common people. Urban art is not just a form of painting, it’s a form of expression. Urban art is extensively used to deliver important messages to the masses, generate awareness, and above all, bring a change.

However, it’s important to investigate and study the meaning and purpose of urban art. Many people confuse it with street art and wall murals, but it’s more than that.

Differentiating between real urban art and street art can be challenging, especially for an art collector.

Understanding the Term “Urban”

The word urban literally means “from the city.” It’s derived from the Latin word urbanus and in the art industry, it refers to artists creating, expressing, and depicting real-life moments and experiences using different art mediums.

Some of the most famous urban art pieces ever created are by a popular African American artist, Ernie Barnes.

Justin Bua’s “Street Magic”

How to Buy Urban Art?

Buying urban art can be a bit trickier than buying regular paintings. Since urban art is the rawest form of street art and graffiti, it’s prone to duplication and mass production.

Here’s how you can choose and buy urban art like a pro art collector:

1. Ensure the Authenticity

Any type of art investment is expensive and involves high stakes, especially if it involves purchasing an urban art piece. The first step is to ensure the art piece’s authenticity, which can be done by choosing a reliable art seller, like Distinction Gallery.

We always stay in close contact with the artists to stay updated on art release dates. This allows us to identify fakes in the market. Moreover, the art industry has become quite transparent over the last couple of years, making it easier for art sellers and buyers to compare prices, research, and spot original art pieces.

2. Check Out Galleries before Hitting Sellers Directly

Many Urban artists tend to sell their work directly but it’s better to choose an art gallery. Established art galleries, like the Distinction Gallery, allow users to subscribe to a mailing list. This enables you to stay updated on upcoming art pieces, industry trends, new exhibitions, and more.

We recommend you to follow young and emerging urban artists on social media channels. Stay up-to-date on what they’re working on. This will give you an insight into their personal lives and the latest gallery signups and events, making it easier to buy original art pieces.

Buy Original Art From Around the World

At Distinction Gallery, we stock and exhibit artwork of emerging artists such as Justin Bua, Kelly Vivanco, Jana Brike, and Gabe Leonard, among many others. Find the best original art pieces, urban art pieces for sale, or NFT for art sale at our platform.

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