Understanding Different Types of Art Buyers and Their Motivations

Understanding Different Types of Art Buyers and Their Motivations

Art collecting and showcasing has been a hobby for many centuries. And you really can’t blame anyone; the vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, artistic techniques, and mind-boggling narratives grab every onlooker’s attention, drawing them to buy the paintings and display them in their homes.

However, with a wide variety of art buyers and collectors out there, artists and art lovers need to know the different types of art buyers and what motivates them to purchase artwork.

As a renowned art gallery, we’ve dealt with our fair share of art lovers and buyers, giving you the inside scoop of the market and how you can indulge in art collecting too.

There are three main types of art buyers, and here is a breakdown of all of them.

Purchasing art for home

Home collectors are one of the more common types of art buyers out there, and their only motivation is to purchase artwork and display it in their homes.

Initially, they’ll only be drawn to a few pieces for their home, but as time goes on, they’ll eventually get hooked and come rushing back for more. Decorating your home with artwork is one of the simplest and effective ways to amp it up, add character and make it look more inviting.

Displaying artwork on top of your fireplace or bed brings the whole room together, making it look much more cohesive.

If you’re bored of your living spaces, adding a few oil paintings will not only add color, dimension and vibrancy but also elevate your home. Some of Gabe Leonard’s oil paintings and artworks will add a dramatic flair to your home.

Art investors

Another common type of art buyer is the investors. They may be art lovers, but the primary purpose of their purchase is usually getting a good return on their investment.

It’s like investing in bitcoins or stocks, where investors take risks with their investments and wait for the right time for the prices to go up. Buying artwork and paintings as an investment is kind of the same thing; you can purchase alluring paintings from upcoming artists, wait for them to make it big or become more renowned, and that’s when you make a big profit.

Kelly Vivanco original painting

Interior designers and home decorators

If you’re into interior design, you should check out art galleries to get your hands on some unique, fun and eccentric works and oil paintings to display in your client’s home. It’s the perfect way to add the final touches and elevate home renovation and décor projects.

If you’re looking for affordable original art for sale in FL, check out our inventory.

At the Distinction Gallery, we’ve given established and emerging artists like Gabe Leonard, Kelly Vivanco and more a viable platform to sell their art. We also host exhibitions and art shows to bring art lovers and sellers together.

For more information, reach out to us!

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