Understanding Different Art Forms

Understanding Different Art Forms

There’s no end to how far human imagination can go. The ability of humans to think of new ideas knows no bounds, and that’s something really special.

Over the years, we’ve seen art take different forms. Some are complex; others are simple yet extraordinary. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular art forms in the world and why they’re so well-known.

A blend of colors in an abstract painting

Abstract Art

This is the kind of art that is based on things that are far from reality. One may argue that this is the most creative form of art as there are no constraints as to what the artist can and cannot do. An artist may have a vision, but rather than expressing it through accurate descriptions of what we see as reality, the artist expresses it through shapes, lines, and colors.

It’s one of the most unrestricted art forms that allow for maximum creativity with minimum boundaries.


This art form is rooted in the word ‘real’. This is a straightforward category to understand, as realism is used for paintings that accurately depict reality. One way to recognize a good realism painting is that you may not be able to distinguish it from a real photograph that easily.


One may argue that impressionism is a toned-down version of realism, as it is based on real subject matter but painted in a way that can be termed as ‘raw’. However, this is still somewhat different, as the main goal of an artist painting in this style is to give it its own twist and not accurately mirror what they see.

Although it’s sometimes hard to distinguish which category a painting falls into, one prime example of impressionism would be Scott Rohlfs’ art. He bases his paintings in caricaturist forms of humans, giving them his twist and style.

Scott Rohlfs art on display


Human emotions can take various forms: happy, sad, anxious, frightened, etc. This form of art tries to imitate what’s happening in a person’s mind onto the painting. It’s a well-known fact that colors affect the human mind. Thus, a mix of brighter and darker colors is used accordingly.

Western Art

This type of art is mostly associated with the traditions of western culture. For example, the dressing style of the people there is depicted in this style of art. Gabe Leonard’s oil paintings are one of the best western-style arts out there.

Mughal Era Paintings

Yet another distinctive form of art was Mughal art, which was widely common during the Mughal Era starting in the early 16th century. This was mostly based on the culture during that time.

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