How Can You Get Your Work in a Gallery?

How Can You Get Your Work in a Gallery?

Selling your art as an individual artist without representation is a complex task. However, an established gallery can make this process easier but you have to put in the effort to acquire gallery representation.

Although many art galleries allow submissions from emerging artists, you still need to gear up and present yourself professionally to get a spot. Once you end up getting gallery representation, things will work out in your favor in terms of increased sales.

To make sure you establish a bond with the gallery and reach your potential buyers, here’s a list of things you need to do.

Decide the Location of the Gallery

For a smooth start, ask yourself where you want to display your artwork. This will not only save your time, but it’ll also allow you to stay focused on your goals. If you have a desired destination in mind, you can invest your energy and time at the right place and build relationships with the targeted galleries.

In addition to that, attend the gallery’s exhibitions to build connections with the team and retain all the information of the kind of artwork they appreciate and mostly represent. It’ll help you create artwork that revolves around the theme, media, and style which they usually display or search in new submissions.

It’s understood that famous art galleries won’t let their loyal clientele down by approving any work that’s lower than their standard quality. However, keep in mind to be thankful and gentle in your response even if they reject your submission the first time around as it might help you build fruitful relationships in the future.

Kelly Vivanco’s original art painting called ‘Ghost Moth.’

Ensure the Work is of Top Quality

To ensure that your work is worthy and unique, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my artwork involve a unique perception?
  • Have I used unique techniques and materials?
  • Does it look professional?
  • Would buyers be interested in purchasing my work?
  • What was the inspiration behind creating this piece?

Galleries do not display paintings for entertainment purposes, their main goal is to generate as many sales as they can.

Attend Events

If you want to grab a spot in galleries that are in search of emerging artists’ submissions, make sure you attend all their exhibitions and events regularly. Take an active part in the community to become visible in the sight of the gallery’s management.

Having referrals can be extremely favorable for you under this situation, therefore always be supportive of others’ artwork and appreciate your fellow artists.

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