3 Benefits of Gallery Representation

3 Benefits of Gallery Representation

Artists have been selling their artwork in established galleries for ages. However, the rise of new marketing strategies and shifts in trends have pushed artists to represent themselves individually instead of collaborating with art galleries.

Although it may prove to be a better option for some, being backed by a gallery turns out to be a more beneficial choice for most emerging artists. Here’s a breakdown of why gallery representation is a better choice event today.  

The Customer Base

One of the major advantages an artist can get from an established gallery is its loyal and extensive clientele. However, if you choose to build a career in this field independently it’ll cost you a lot more effort and time to come as close to the artists who’ll get early representation with the help of a gallery.

A well-known gallery helps you get the recognition you deserve earlier with the support of its wide customer base.

The people who run the art gallery make sure their clients approach artists who they’ll immediately appreciate. The staff at the gallery create strong bonds with their clients over the years who visit the art gallery religiously and often buy original artwork made by emerging artists.

At times, loyal customers directly contact the gallery team to inform them about the kind of artwork they want.

Professional buyers who are passionate about art typically reach out to established galleries for guidance and original artwork.

Kelly Vivanco’s original art painting called‘Island Birds.’

More Time For Creativity

An independent artist has to take care of creating art along with advertising and selling it. Whereas, gallery representation offers ease in terms of marketing and selling. This helps artists focus solely on channeling their creativity through their art.

With the help of an established gallery, you don’t need to worry about publicity and sales.

Enhanced Value

The artwork presented in established galleries is typically considered more valuable than pieces that are sold independently.

Just the name of a famous gallery besides your artwork can do wonders in terms of publicity and sales. The team at the gallery also makes sure that your artwork is priced fairly.

The more connections you build with the famous names in the art industry, the more valuable your artwork will become.

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